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Becoming Master of Your Destiny (Demo)


Many people go through life wondering, “Is this all there is?”  Some people seem to constantly get frustrated over little things and don’t know why.  Others keep “shooting themselves in the foot.”   They get into the same old relationship patterns, lugging their baggage along with them.  They hope it’ll be different, but know it’ll turn out the same – and it does.

We have the power to direct our lives and define our destiny, but we give it away.  We give to situations, things, and people who didn’t ask for it, don’t necessarily want it, and don’t even know they have it.  It’s time to reclaim our inherent power.   This course looks at how to use our emotions in a healthy way. Learn to identify and change false “core beliefs,” self-defeating behaviors, and cognitive distortions.  Then, learn how to nurture the best and truest parts of yourself.

Taken from the course and book, “Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life,” this can be used as a refresher course or it can stand on its own.