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Managing from the Heart (Demo)


Success in business is all about relationships.  This intensive and comprehensive course examines a radical new business philosophy, which explores “preventive maintenance” for a company's most valuable asset - it's people.  It’s amazing how companies will spend millions on preventive maintenance for its hard assets and nothing for its most important.  Imagine a staff which is self-motivated and inspired to produce long-term sustainable growth for both themselves and the business. 

Learn how to develop "Career-Minded" employees instead of "Job-Minded" employees.  Discover the power of creating "Raving Fans" of your customers and staff.  Learn how to inspire your staff to become willing to go to war for you.  Unleash the unrealized potential hidden in each and every human being.  Learn how to implement the 5 basic roles a manager uses to inspire a staff that self-manages, takes ownership of the business plan, and becomes vested in the success of the business.  "Managing from the Heart" is not just a philosophy which nurtures growth and inspires success. "Managing from the Heart" is "A Way of Life."